Lesta PAINT STUDIO is a Lesta software for offline programming.

The interface consists of an interactive 3D environment in which the user can import the models of the pieces.
In this environment it is possible to create painting paths with the help of easily recalled tools, create automatic grids on the surfaces, automatically generate the connections between different paths, view the environment at 360 ° and simulate the cycle of the robot to verify the reachability limits and cycle times.
For each created painting path, it is possible to modify various parameters including: Speed, acceleration, distance to the piece, gun parameters, painting angle.

It is also possible to import the entire spray booth into the Lesta PAINT STUDIO software.

It is possible to acquire the key points of the path by physically moving the robot and making it read them in reality and then use them in the virtual environment.

You can draw 3D geometries directly in the software.

Lesta PAINT STUDIO is an accessory that can also be integrated into systems without Lesta robots.

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