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Lesta has totally European quality in both design and production.

The headquarters is spread over an industrial site of about 2000 square meters, divided into offices, laboratories, workshops, and warehouses, and is located near Milan, an area of excellence for the industry.
This feature, together with the strong will of the company’s ownership to bring Italian excellence to the world, has allowed Lesta to obtain 100% Made In Italy certification (Registration No. R.N.P.I. IT01.IT/2380.051.V.).

Your smart robotic finishing
Lesta in the world
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ITALY Headquarters
Lesta srl
Via D.Chiesa, 42
20036 Dairago (Milano)
+39 0331 430817

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27191 470th Avenue
Tea, SD 57064


We think, we design, and we manufacture user-friendly automatic machines and robots for the surface treatment industry, and we provide high customer care.


We aim to make Lesta a globally recognized reality for innovative robotic solutions in industrial finishing and surface treatment.

Our certifications
made in italy
Made in Italy
We are proud to announce that since 31/05/2021 we are awarded the prestigious “100% Made in Italy” certification. This not only means that the company ownership is totally Italian but also that Lesta products are manufactured entirely in Italy, made with Italian semi-finished products or of certified quality and first choice. It means that all designs and planning are exclusive to the company and our robots are made with the care and attention to detail typical to high Italian quality. The Lesta registration number is IT01.IT/2380.051.V
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