Lesta’s robots and automation specialize in coating of any material.
We divide Lesta automation and robot applications into 4 categories.
“Varnishing of wooden parts”, including parts such as windows, doors, profiles, wooden boxes or chests such as drawers, kitchen furniture elements, chests, funeral coffins, handles, but also furniture accessories or simply boards and panels, tables, details and many more.
“Metal painting” includes mechanical parts, hydraulic pumps, motors, pistons, handles, panels, electrical panels, cylinders, automotive components, rims, chassis, and sports components, and many more.
“Plastic painting” includes parts like spoilers and automotive parts such as fenders, bumpers, covers and small parts, covers for tractors and large machinery, buttons, glasses, helmets, holders, vases and many more.
“The other materials” section covers spraying of applications such as:
fiberglass, gelcoat, adhesives and protective materials, all materials used in the construction of boats and ships, but also swimming pools. In addition, we can paint ceramics, glass, fabrics, books, but also food.
There is no material for which a suitable solution cannot be explored.

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