The Lesta LEBOT C5 is a 5-axis Cartesian robot usually consisting of a crane equipped with a rail for moving the robot, fully configurable in length, width and depth to allow it to paint even large parts.

The chain for the movement of the trolley provides structural reliability and precision, while for the transmission of the wrist Lesta uses a linear belt guide in order to obtain the highest possible speed of execution.

A typical use of the Lesta LEBOT C5 is for the painting of windows and wooden or metal frames, often associated with the 2D Image Match accessory which makes the recognition of the piece automatic.

Available in ATEX version.

Technical data
Anteprima ROBOT Lesta LEBOT C5 01
Protection class:
ATEX zona 2/22 Cat. 3G
Wrist payload:
4 Kg
±3 mm al polso
Full speed:
700 mm/s
Power supply:
3x400 VAC
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