EasyPROG 2D is software able to autonomously generate the painting path of panels, boxes and drawers. It requires the insertion of the height of the drawer in the recipe.
Directly from the Robot Controller screen it will be possible to create specific recipes for each type of product to be painted, which can then be recalled by reading a barcode or directly from the touch-screen.

This system only manages panels and box-shaped objects.

Working on a system equipped with Easy PROG 2D consists in loading the item to be painted on the positioner, scanning the barcode that will recall the painting recipe and starting the production process. Easy PROG 2D will take care of generating the best painting path and applying the program according to the specification that will be defined in the recipe.

Easy PROG 2D can be equipped with a pair of laser pointers adopting the name “Laser Easy PROG 2D“. Thanks to laser pointers and dedicated management software, any errors in the centering of the piece during positioning can be automatically amended.

Anteprima ACCESSORI EasyPROG 2D 01
Anteprima ACCESSORI EasyPROG 2D 02
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