Easy PROG 3D Scan is software associated with a 3D scanner used with the carousel system. This scanner is able to identify the surface load of three-dimensional objects and generate a painting path autonomously.

Directly from the Robot Controller screen it is possible to create specific recipes for each type of product that needs painting. Each program can then be recalled by reading the barcode though a scanner or directly from the touch screen.

Can be used for painting panels, boxes and drawers, without thickness limits.

It can also be used for painting curved and shaped panels that are not of standard shape.

Working on a system equipped with Easy PROG 3D scan consists in loading the piece to be painted on the positioner, scanning the barcode that will recall the painting recipe and starting production process. Easy PROG 3D scan will scan the item and generate the best painting path, and then apply the program according to the specification that will be defined in the recipe.

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