Lesta CLEANING STATION is the Lesta gun cleaning station, it consists of a self-supporting stainless-steel support to which a tank with a brush, that is activated by a pneumatic motor, is applied in the upper part.

How it works: according to a program previously defined by the operator, after a certain number of painting cycles, the robot automatically moves to the Lesta CLEANING STATION. When the robot gun reaches the cleaning station, the solenoid valve activates the air motor, which starts the brush movement immersed in the solvent.

The solvent present in the station ensures maximum cleaning of the gun nozzle.

The Lesta CLEANING STATION brush has a modular structure, so the number of sections can be defined depending on the needs.

It can be supplied in 2 standard heights or, in the mobile version. Thanks to a compressed air piston it can change its height.

The Lesta CLEANING STATION is an accessory that can also be integrated into systems without Lesta robots.

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