Lesta PRODUCTION MANAGER is a production and queue management system for related programs for each type of chosen piece.

It is generally installed on in-line systems when the need is to paint many different models, each associated with a specific program.

The painting programs are previously recorded and archived in the Lesta PRODUCTION MANAGER, at the time of the start of work, you will have 3 methods to recall them:

By barcode scanning
The first possibility is to have a gun available for reading bar codes, each code will recall a specific program. Upon arrival of the batch, the operator will scan the related code and load the corresponding program.

Through TAG
The second possibility is the use of a tag to each rack that will be read by an RFID antenna when approaching the spray booth. Reading the tag will match the corresponding program and load it.

Through WEB TAG
The third possibility is the application of TAG and its RFID antenna, managed remotely. The robot supervisor will be able to have the list of jobs in the queue and the related uploaded painting programs available at any time.

Lesta PRODUCTION MANAGER TAG WEB is an accessory that can also be integrated with systems without Lesta robots.

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