Lesta LEBOT I A6 is the name of industrial-type robots without self-learning produced at Lesta. These robots, depending on the purpose, can have different hardware. They are all managed by the dedicated Lesta system which simplifies their use.

The heavy arm cannot be released from the motors. Thanks to this solidity it can work in the fields of greater amplitude.

Lesta LEBOT I A6 can be used in the field of industrial painting, but also it can be used for sandblasting, pick and place and much more.
The robot can be set up on the ground, on carousels or with an in-line conveyor, suspended from overhead carriages, or attached to carriages on the ground or on walls.
This solution is used for painting on wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, paper and many others. In the production of chairs, windows, boxes, frames, doors, hoods, spoilers and fenders, components for tractors and agricultural and large machinery, hydraulic pumps, helmets, pots, buttons and many other products.

Available in ATEX version and also in UL version (safety standard for North American hazardous locations).

Technical data
Anteprima ROBOT Lesta LEBOT I A6 01
Anteprima ROBOT Lesta LEBOT I A6 02
Protection class:
Wrist payload:
fusione di leghe leggere
±0,05 mm al polso
Full speed:
1500 mm/s
Power supply:
3x400 VAC
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