Anteprima x listato 700x700 EasyPROG WINDOWS
Software able to autonomously generate the painting path of panels, boxes and drawers.

Accessori EeasyPROG 2D 700x700 1
Software able to autonomously generate the painting path of panels, boxes and drawers.

Accessori EeasyPROG 3D scan 700x700 1
EasyPROG 3D scan
Is software associated with a 3D scanner used with the carousel system. This scanner is able to identify the surface load of three-dimensional objects and generate a painting path autonomously.

Accessori ImageMATCH 2D 700x700 1
Image MATCH 2D
Is a system composed of dedicated software and a pair of photoelectric barriers. This system can identify 2D surfaces of the pieces and associating it with the corresponding painting program.

Accessori ImageMATCH 3D pro 700x700 1
Image MATCH 3D pro
Is a system consisting of management software and one or more 3D scanners mounted on a line capable of recognising the size of three-dimensional objects and associating the corresponding painting program.

Accessori Gestione cambio colore 700x700 1
Automatic colour change
Software that gives you a possibility to change colour automatically between programs

Accessori Puntatori laser 700x700 1
Laser centering
Laser pointers are a hardware / software accessory consisting of a variable number of laser or photocells, placed on brackets and connected to a robotic system.

Accessori Suction and blow off 700x700 1
Suction and blow-off
This accessory consists of a special gun that is capable of blowing or sucking excess water and moisture from the surface of the piece.

Accessori Syncro 700x700 1
Syncro will allow your robot to automatically change the speed of program execution depending on the speed of the conveyor.

Accessori IP CAM 700x700 1
IP cam
A dedicated IP camera that connects the network of our robots and the intranet.

Accessori Anticollisione 700x700 1
Special pneumatic device mounted between the gun and its support. It is designed to protect both from overloads and shocks.


Lesta has a line of accessories that can be combined with our robots, which broadens the application range of our machines and improves certain aspects. We have anti-collision systems that safeguard any unwanted use of robots. Complex systems such as Easy PROG 2D and 3D scan make your plant completely automated and are also used for the generation of painting paths. The color change management system that implements and simplifies the color change process directly in line. Complex systems such as Image MATCH 2D and 3D pro for real-time recognition of the piece and automatic painting, systems for suction and blowoff (unwanted water suction or blowing) useful after washing the pieces to prevent painting errors, robot speed synchronization systems at line speed such as Syncro and much more.

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