Wood varnishing

The most popular use of Lesta robots and automations is for wood painting.

We have many dedicated automatic or self-learning solutions for painting wooden objects. A typical system is the EasyPROG 3D scan.

This robotic system includes a Lesta LEBOT MV A6 robot installed on a 4-arm carousel equipped with a 3D scanner. The EasyPROG system will only need to be loaded, the carousel will carry the piece under the scanner which will acquire its shape and position, the software will generate the best painting path independently and the robot will complete the rest!

EasyPROG is also available in a 2D version that is equipped with a pair of lasers used to identify the position of the piece.

We also mount Lesta LEBOT I A6 industrial robots to these systems.

We can provide a special version for painting doors, windows, and large-format panels: Lesta LEBOT I A6 W.

Wood varnishing includes chairs, furniture and furnishing accessories, kitchens, panels, boxes, windows, profiles and structures, doors, drawers, chests, funeral coffins, handles etc.

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